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To create a work that is truly original is not easy.
For the artist, the colours they can use are the same as those for any other artist, but how they are mixed and presented offers the originality.

Every writer has the same words to work with, however, the skill is to order those words in such a way that they are inspiring, entertaining, perhaps challenging and remarkable.

"For that is what is at the heart of story telling, that which makes 'Stories my Grandfather told me' anything but ordinary."

'Within' The Mist' . . .is the first in the trilogy which is set in the tiny, isolated fishing village of Doon, nestled on the wild south coast of England: a village whose inhabitants are anything but ordinary and their adventures anything but normal.  In fact some might be excused for thinking them peculiar.
--------A new novella for 2013.-------

'A Tale of Two Elephants'  A story for young adults, or adults young at heart, describing the very different lives of two friends, an African and Asian elephant.
A short, illustrated story for later in 2013.

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